Culinary Delights

Poha Jalebi
Poha Jalebi – Jabalpur
Type:   Snacks

Talk about Jabalpur city of Madhya Pradesh, Poha Jalebi is a fame all over the country. The taste here does…

Sweet Corn
Sweetcorns – Katni
Type:   Appetizers,Snacks

Tewari village in National Highway -7, a village of Katni district, where Bhutta’s are famous all over India.Sweet corn is…

Kodo Kutki Kheer
Kodo Kutki Kheer – Mandla
Type:   Main Course

Kodo-Kutki kheer is a pudding originating from the villages of Mandla. It is prepared with traditionally cultivated minor millets Kodo(Paspalum…

Gujia – Balaghat
Type:   Desserts

A gujia is a sweet deep-fried dumpling made with suji (semolina) or maida (all purpose flour) and stuffed with a…

Khoye Ki Jalebi
Khoye Ki Jalebi – Chhindwara
Type:   Desserts

One of the favourite sweet dish of citizens of Chhindwara. It is also known as ‘Mawa ki Jalebi’. People eat…

Sikya Kheer
Sikya Kheer – Dindori
Type:   Desserts

Sikiya (Digitaria Sanguilanis) is a variety of wild millet harvested by the Baiga tribals of Dindori district in Madhya Pradesh….

Bharta Bati
Bharta Bati – Narsinghpur
Type:   Main Course

Bharta Bati is very common food in district and peoples like to cook at home or easily available in market…

Kunde ke Pede
Dessert Kunde ke Pede – Seoni
Type:   Desserts

The kunde ke pede (sweets) is very famous in the district.