Bharta Bati – Narsinghpur

Type:   Main Course
Bharta Bati

Bharta Bati is very common food in district and peoples like to cook at home or easily available in market as well.

Bharta aslo known as Baingan Bharta made up of Eggplant (usually green eggplant), onion, tomato, green chilies. All the vegetables that have been cooked usually by roasting and then mashed together with spices and garnished with coriander leaves.

Daal also a companion of Bharta in this dish, which is made by Rahar Daal (usually known as Tuvar Daal).

Bati is a hard bread made up of wheat flour commonly known as aata small amount of besan (Gram flour) mixed with aata. Aata, Besan is kneaded with little bit of salt, oil and water. Small balls of this dough are cooked in a oven (usually Cow Dung cakes, also know as uple or kande, used to cook the aata and besan dough). After the finish cook, the balls are dip in melted deshi ghee to improve the tast.

Some sort of sweet dosh also a part of this which may be churma kae laddu, made by crushing bati and mixing with jaggery and dry fruits.