Mahadev Mela – Chhindwara

Mahadev Mela
  • Celebrated on/during: March
  • Significance:

    Mahadev Mela is organised every year on the ocassion of maha Shivratri. People from far away places come to Chauragarh Pachmarhi to worship Mahadev. It is a saying that before going to Mahaev, it is necessary to cross Bhoora Bhagat(Chhindwara). There is a story behind Bhoora Bhagat. It is said that since childhood, Bhoora was absorbed in the worship of Lord. Once during the hymn, he got into ‘Samadhi’. Twenty-four hours later, his process of meditation was broken. After that he renounced the house and got absorbed in the worship of the Lord. According to the legends, during the sadhana in Chauragarh hills, he saw Mahadev.
    From Mahadev, he asked for boon that I should stay in your own legs and can guide the persons who come here. They are present in the form of a rock in the monastery. The statue of Saint Bhoora Bhagat is situated in such a place which it is estimated to see as if they were sitting like a gatekeeper at the gate of Lord Bholenath. Due to the same, the fair also fills here. Gulal, Vermilion, Kapoor, Kharak, Supari and big Trishools are offerd here.