Sugarcane – Narsinghpur

Natural Crops

Narsinghpur is one of the 51 districts of Madhya Pradesh, mostly black cotton soils having clay content of 60-65 %, more water holding capacity and deficient in Mn and Fe, approximately 80% area is sprinkler irrigated and about 35% cane acreage is under intercropping with September-October planted sugarcane. About 65% of the total sugarcane area of MP is in Narsinghpur district (approximately 75000 ha). It is termed as the sugar bowl of Madhya Pradesh and Haryana of India. In this district, there are 09-10 sugar mills having 2500-3000 TCD capacity, but are not taking sugarcane development activities. In this situation, farmers are now very much eager to develop jaggery production entrepreneurship and trying to install some improved plants for that. At present, there are around 3000 jaggery units and two automated khandsari plants in the area.